About Us

Sharon Samuelson, Secretary
Sharon lives in Oxford, Wisconsin and is an avid pet lover with dogs and cats of her own. She is very active in rescue and volunteers her time to help out in any way possible.

Joy Manley, President/Treasurer
Joy has been involved with animals her whole life and shares her home with dogs, cats and birds. She has trained and registered a certified therapy dog, rescued and fostered several pets over the years and is experienced with rehabilitating shy, fearful and/or aggressive puppy mill survivor dogs, feral cats, pets with special medical needs such as diabetic management, congestive heart failure, paraplegia and other medical issues.

Jen Proud, CVT, TCVM; Vice-President
Jen is a Certified Veterinary Technician/Nurse, with a Veterinary Technician specialities in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Surgery/Anesthesia; she is also enrolled as a Moleculary Biology major at University of Wisconsin-Madison, along with a research position at the School of Veterinary Medicine working on canine genetics. Along with being a competition obedience, rally, and conformation instructor, she competes in these same sports with her own dogs; also in agility and lure coursing. She has much not-for-profit experience-- being a founding member and previous board member of an international canine genetics project, treasurer of a national breed parent club, and previous vice-president of a national breed rescue, and one of their founding foster homes. She also serves as slave and house maid to her 4 cats.

Together, they are dedicated to caring for those with special needs; those who deserve a chance when they are yet a gem in the rough!